Acting is Believing: An Acting Practicum

Acting is Believing_ An Acting Practicum (3)


This course is designed to help you build a dramatic characters grounded in reality. We will employ the Stanislavski approach, improvisation, The Meisner Technique, and other approaches to achieve transformation to the character.

Each student will select a short monologue to work on for the first four classes. By the end of this period you will own this piece of work. This speech can come from a film or a stage play. Please choose something that excites you and you can have fun experimenting with. I will offer suggested material but you are free to choose your own selection. A class showing or showcase will follow.

The second four weeks will focus on a short two-person scene. We will employ improvisation to help free you up to explore your relationship, to explore three core elements. What does the character want, what prevents the character from getting it, and what means the character will use to reach his/her objective. This plan is operational based on the enrollment. Some members of the class may prefer to work on a second monologue or continue with their first selection.

About the Instructor:

Stephen Sorkin holds degrees from the State University of New York (BA), Indiana University (MA), and Brandeis University (MFA) and resides in the Fenway neighborhood of Boston. Stephen’s artistic career began as a member of the Indiana University Repertory Company and continued during a long career of college teaching in Theatre and as a Director in positions at the University of Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, Loyola University, Emerson College, Indiana University, the University of Maine, as well as the Boston Conservatory.

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