Burning Greed Documentary Screening 1/21/16

Documentary Screening, Burning Greed

Alarms sound in the early morning. Sirens wail on Symphony Road. It’s happening again. The neighborhood is burning nightly and there’s nothing you can do but wait in fear. That is exactly what happened during the 1970s as Boston residents were under siege. Real estate businessmen were making money by burning apartment buildings to the ground, leaving the poor, elderly, and minority tenants homeless and several dead.

The tenants’ cries for arson investigations were dismissed. Arson was hard to prosecute and arson for profit was business-as-usual across the nation. A brave group of community activists refused to be silent victims. Their hard work revealed a shocking pattern in the fires and it was enough to convince the state to prosecute and eventually convict thirty-two men in a conspiracy bigger than anyone suspected.

Sonia Weinhaus (producer and director) is a Fenway resident.IMG_5404 (1)