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THank you for attending the 20201 fenway mayoral forum!

Additional resources & Information

For more information about the candidates who joined for the Forum:
Here are some additional resources that you and your fellow voters may want to check as we make our way through the rest of the campaign season. Please let us know if you have other key resources that would be helpful, and we’ll be sure to share those as well.


The Fenway Community Center (FCC) and the Fenway Quality of Life Alliance (FQLA) have joined up to host a candidate forum that focuses on the Fenway and its nearby neighbors. FCC serves as a gathering place to share information, deliver programs, and provide services that enrich the lives of all Fenway residents; it has served as the neighborhood’s sole community space since 2016. FQLA is a grassroots group that focuses on improving quality of life for all residents. We’ve organized this forum as a way of highlighting shared concerns, challenges, and successes of a community often overlooked by City Hall. We want to make sure that whoever becomes mayor in the fall elections is a committed partner for all city neighborhoods, including the Fenway and its 37,000 economically and culturally diverse residents.

We thank our co-sponsors for their support of the forum and for the great work they do to strengthen our shared community.


About our moderators

Gabriella Mora

Gabriella Mora (she/her) is a first-generation American and proud Latina from Philadelphia. She has lived in the Fenway since 2014 and works with nonprofit and philanthropic organizations in Boston to foster more equitable and just practices, structures, systems, and ways of being. Outside of her paid work, she is a mentor with the Chica Project, a member of the board of directors at About Fresh, and an assistant soccer coach at Milford Special Olympics.

Jared simmons

Jared Simmons is an award-winning creative producer, writer and director working in video and digital. A Boston native, and Fenway resident - he graduated from Boston Latin School and Ithaca College in New York. He attended his first presidential political event in 2000 and DNC kickoff event via Planned Parenthood in 2004. He did outreach for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns and attended his 2009 inauguration. He also worked with Vote Save America and Swing Left to help elect both President Biden in 2020 and Senators Warnock and Ossoff in the 2021 runoff elections. He loves media, art, activism, storytelling, cycling, horticulture, comedy, and cannot wait for live music to return to the city.