Navigators USA @ Fenway Community Center

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Fenway Community Center is home to Chapter 293 of Navigators USA, a scouting movement whose mission is to broaden the scope of scouting through inclusion.

Navigators USA welcomes all children and families. We believe the greatest challenge for the future of our planet is to learn how to get along with people different than ourselves. We welcome all ages and gender identities. We welcome all religious beliefs–and none! We welcome families of all structures. We welcome differences in ability, learning, and development. We welcome those who have participated in other scouting organizations–Navigators USA recognizes all awards earned in Boy or Girl Scouts and encourages members to display these along with their Navigator awards.

Navigators USA promotes friendship, teamwork, and respect for ourselves, others, and the environment. Being a Navigator means promising to do your best, and to work toward being more truthful, respectful, inclusive, patient, dependable, resourceful, and cooperative.

Navigators USA is a true grassroots movement. It started in 2003 in East Harlem, New York, as an outreach program to help inner-city children with limited resources get out into nature on a regular basis while learning basic scouting skills. Over 200 Chapters have started in the United States with affiliates in the UK, France, Uganda, and Kenya.

To join our email list, please click here. When you attend your first meeting or function, we’ll have you fill out the paperwork to make your child an official Navigator!